Partially pregelatinized maize starch MABITAB 1500®

Versatile Excipient for capsule filling,direct compression and wet granulation

MABITAB 1500 is a new partially pregelatinized maize starch designed for pharmaceutical use. It has been developed as a filler for two-piece hard gelatin capsules. MABITAB 1500 is a free-flowing and self-disintegrating powder with high bulk density, making it most suitable for this application. Excellent flow properties and bulk density allow homogenous filling of capsules. It is made from native starch by simple and unique physical modification which ensures rapid disintegration and drug release.MABITAB 1500 particles action is well suitable for rapid disintegration and release of the drug from the pharmaceutical preparation. MABITAB 1500 is superior starch excipient over Native Starch by virtue of its flow property and disintegration property.


  • - FLOW AID


  • - Meets the requirements of EP, BP, USP, IP Monographs
  • - Excipient of pure vegetable origin
  • - No solvent used in process and free from OVI
  • - Compatible with almost all active substances
  • - Very Low Friability
  • - Lubricant Requirement low or nil (Advantage in Drug Dissolution)
  • - Acts as Disintegrant as well as Binder

Specifications MABITAB 1500
MSDS Pregelatinized starch

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