Our extensive research in the field of nanoparticles has helped us develop novel nanoproducts and nanomaterials for use in various industrial applications. Nanocellulose or microfibrillated cellulose can be used as a reinforcement agent, pharmaceutical binder, drug delivery agent and food applications. Gold and silver nanoparticles developed by our company do not agglomerate easily and are easily suspendable. These particles can be utilized for various biomedical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic purposes.

New nanoparticles are constantly being added to our product portfolio through our research wing. Contact us for more details.

Nanoparticles portfolio:

  • 1 Barium Titanate Oxalate (BTO)
  • 2 Nanocellulose
  • 3 Microfibrillated Cellulose
  • 4 Cellulose Nanocrystals
  • 5 Gold nanoparticles
  • 6 Silver Nanoparticles
  • 7 Nano Iron Oxide

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