Maple Biotech Pvt. Ltd., is a company dedicated to manufacture of quality chemicals. Atpresent company is manufacturing Cellulose Fiber under brand name " CELLUFLOCK®" for plastics,rubber, filtration, welding electrodes, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry & paint industry along with Carboxy Methyl Starch, which is manufactured under brand name "CARMAMYL" to cater the need of textile, detergent,paper, welding electrodes, paint, insecticides, pesticides, oil well drilling industry. CELLU-FLOCK® is manufactured by chemical treatment of very high quality wood pulp followed by someother mechanical treatments.


  • PURITY : Cellu-flock, Cellulose Fiber is prepared from high purity pulp. They contain extremely littleamount of impurities and almost no ash is left after its combustion.
  • ABSORBING PROPERTY : Cellu-flock is negatively charged in water. It can absorb metallic andcationic components from solutions containing such an ionic materials.
  • ELECTRIC PROPERTIES : Cellu-flock exhibit very superior electric resistance property even at highhumidity conditions as it has less water absorption tendency.
  • THERMAL PROPERTIES : Cellu-flock has very good thermal resistance but starts changing color at150 deg. centigrade.
  • HYGROSCOPICITY : Cellu-flock has certain limitation in moisture absorption. It has very lowtendency to absorb moisture. At 65% relatives humidity and 20 degree centigrade it can absorbmoisture maximum to 8% of its weight even after prolonged storage for several months at this condition.
  • AFFINITY FOR DYES AND PIGMENTS : Cellu-flock can be dyed homogeneously in the samemanner as the dying of wood pulp, cotton etc. and moreover their affinities for pigments are also strong.
  • SOLUBILITY : Cellu-flock is insoluble in water and most of the solvents except some special solventsfor Cellulose like cuprammoniom.
  • TOXICITY : Cellu-flock is non-toxic in nature and inhalation in small amount is not likely to cause anytoxicity.
  • FLAMMABILITY : Cellu-flock should be kept away from open flames as it burns very fast.

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