Carboxy methyl starch Carmamyl®

Maple Biotech Pvt.Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacture of quality chemicals to cater a need of various industries. Carboxy Methyl Starch is manufactured under brand name "CARMAMYL®", by the company meeting to the highest quality standards to cater the need of textiles, detergent, insecticides and pesticides, oil well drilling, paint, paper, welding electodes, foundry, lamination and adhesive industry. Carmamyl® replaces Carboxy Methyl Cellulose in almost every field of application. In addition to Carmamyl, we also manufacture cellulose powder under brand name CELLU-FLOCK® for welding electrodes industry, chlo-alkali industry, plastic and rubber industry. Micro crystalline cellulose is manufactured under brand name Ambicel® for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industry. Sodium starch glycollate, super disintegrant for pharmaceutical tablets, is also manufactured by the company. Carmamyl® is manufactured from alkali modified starch and is cold water gelling type. Carmamyl® solutions are alkaline in nature.


  • Appearance: Carmamyl is a creamish white free flowing powder.
  • Active Matter/Purity: Carmamyl after going through strict quality control check is maintained at min.90% active matter or purity.
  • Solubility: Carmamyl is soluble in cold as well as hot water. It is soluble in water even at 0°C.
  • Ionity: Carmamyl is anionic in nature.
  • Viscosity: Carmamyl is manufactured in various grades depending upon viscosity. H-111 grade has about 200 to 250 cps. Viscosity in 2% solution wheareas H-125 grades has 400 to 450 cps viscosity in 2% solution and H-401 grade has 1000 to 1200 cps viscosity in 2% solution.


  • - Carmamyl H-111 is recommended for detergent, textiles, sizing, surface sizing of paper and dry distemper.
  • - Carmamyl H-125 is recommended for dry destampers, wet end additive for paper, textile sizing, ceramlcs, explosives insectisides and pesticides.
  • - Carmamyl H-401 is recommended for emulsion paint, oil well drilling, welding electrodes, adhesives, insecticides and pesticides, textile printing, emulsion polymerization, foundry chemicals.
  • -In wet formulations Three parts Formaline (40% formaldehyde) per 100 parts Carmamyl is recommended as preservative.
MSDS Carboxymethyl Starch

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